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Health care market research | The business research company

Healthcare companies face dramatic changes in customer behavior, market dynamics and regulation. The Business Research Company gives healthcare companies the information they need to give better value for patients, improve innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems.


Types of Healthcare Market projects.

The Healthcare market stretches across pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices (diagnostic and therapeutic). The projects we work on in healthcare fall into five categories.

Market Analysis:

  • Market Analysis including epidemiology, treatment algorithms, regulation and sales forecasts.

Pipeline Analysis:

  • Tracking clinical trials, patents and drug pipelines.

Competitor Tracking:

  • Competitor, mergers and acquisitions and technical tracking.

Treatment Analysis:

  • Physician, specialist and patient feedback on drugs and devices.

Sales Support:

  • Helping healthcare companies and other suppliers sell into the market with target company lists, senior contacts, prospecting information and more.


Some example projects have included:

  • Market research report | The business research company

End User Survey:

A pharmaceutical company wanted to understand what the attitude of Indian physicians was to new technology platforms. In particular it wanted to know how much physicians were using mobile, internet, chat, social and other means of communication in their work. We conducted a total 240 interviews. The study resulted in the client giving greater emphasis to phone, SMS and social channels in its communications.

  • Market research report | The business research company

Market Sizing:

A leading medical manufacturing company with an implantable pacing device approved for use in Europe wanted to understand the potential of the market. After extensive research with physicians and KOLs and specialist databases, we delivered a report on the big 5 markets, including market sizing and trends, and competition and pricing.

  • Market research report | The business research company

Sales Support:

A provider of Health Information Systems (HIS) for hospitals wanted a more sophisticated target list for its sales people. It wanted to know which hospitals were of the right size with the right complexity, what system did they have in place, who, how and when did they made IT purchase decisions. We created a database which has now become part of the client’s sales system.

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