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Identify Investments

Identifying the right companies and assets to invest in can be the difference between success and failure. With strong target identification, financial and operational due diligence and asset modelling capabilities, The Business Research Company can help you find the winning investments to drive your future growth.

Example Projects Have Included:

  • Due Diligence:  A commodity company was considering a joint venture in China. It wanted to know about the company, its people, history, clients, suppliers, finances and the market it operated. We delivered a report based on interviews and investigations, on the basis of which the deal was dropped.
  • Target Shortlist:  A provider of software to the energy industry wanted to investigate potential targets to expand  its business in the US. We created a short list based on the criteria given by the client. The initial list was created from our extensive company information databases followed by a short fact finding check based on the company’s websites and short calls.