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Photographic Services Global Market Briefing Outlook 2016

Photographic Services Global Market Briefing Outlook 2016

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Including: Photographic Services

Covering:  Lifetouch, Getty Images, Studio Alice, Portrait Innovations

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Photographic services include processes for creating durable images by recording light or through an electromagnetic radiation by means of an image sensor or chemically by means of a light sensitive photographic film. It includes editing, processing, and presentation pictures as desired by customers. The various photographic services include school portraits, wedding photography, special occasions and event photography.

Photographic Services Global Market Briefing provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global photographic services.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Get up to date information available on the photographic services market globally.
  • Identify growth segments and opportunities.
  • Facilitate decision making on the basis of historic and forecast data and understand the drivers and restraints on the market.
  • Develop strategies based on likely future developments.
  • Gain a global perspective on the development of the market.
Additional information
Markets Covered:

Portrait Studios and Commercial Studios.

Companies mentioned:

Lifetouch, Getty Images, Studio Alice and Portrait Innovations

Geographic scope

Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, Oceania.

Time series:

Five years historic and forecast.


Market value in $ billions.

Data Segmentations:

Regional breakdowns, market share of competitors, key sub segments.

Sourcing and Referencing:

Data and analysis throughout the report is sourced using end notes.

Table Of Contents
Photographic Services Market Characteristics 5
Photographic Services Market Historic Growth 6
Drivers of the Market 7
Restraints on the Market 7
Photographic Services Market Forecast 8
Drivers of the Market 9
Restraints on the Market 9
Photographic Services Market Comparison With Other Segments Of General Professional Services 10
Global General Professional Services Market, Split By Segments, 2015, $ Billion 10
Global General Professional Services Market, Historic and Forecast, By Segment, 2011 – 2019 12
Photographic Services Market Regional and Country Comparison 13
Global Photographic Services Market, Split By Region, 2015 13
Global Photographic Services Market, Historic and Forecast Growth, By Region, 2011 – 2019 14
Global Photographic Services Market, Split By Country, 2015 15
Global Photographic Services Market, Historic and Forecast Growth, Split By Country, 2011 – 2019 17
Photographic Services Market Segmentation 19
Photographic Services Market Size, Split By Segments, 2015, $ Billion 19
Photographic Services Competitive Landscape 20
Lifetouch 21
Getty Images 22
Studio Alice 22
Picture People 23
Dimension Studios 23
Photographic Services Market Key Mergers and Acquisitions 24
Photographic Services Market Trends and Strategies 25
Increasing Focus On Niche Segments 25
Technological Advances In Photographic Equipment 25
Online Revenue Models 25
Professional Services Appendix 26
Accounting Services 26
Design, Research, Promotional And Consulting Services 26
Architectural, Engineering, And Related Services 26
Specialized Design Services 27
Management Consulting Services 28
Environmental Consulting Services 29
Scientific Research And Development Services 29
Advertising, Public Relations, And Related Services 30
Market Research And Other General Professional Services 30
Photographic Services 31
Legal Services 31
Research Methodology 32
Abbreviations 32
Currencies 32
Research Inquiries 32
The Business Research Company 32
Executive Summary
The photographic services market is classified in the photography studios and commercial photography. Clients of the photographic services market include advertising and PR agencies, news and magazines publishing agencies, hospitals and clinics, event management firms, security and law enforcement organizations and private individuals. In the past, developing photographs was a lengthy and laborious procedure.
The photographic services market is expected to reach around $40 billion in 2019. Widespread sharing of pictures on websites and social networking platforms contributed to the growth in photographic services. Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest has led to increasing trend of sharing images on these platforms to gain social acceptance and popularity among peers. While most images shared on social media are amateur private photographs, professional agencies such as Shutterstock and Getty offer professional images for sale, which can then be used by individuals or companies for advertising in social media.
The photographic services market, with top four competitors, is making up nearly 8% of the total market share in 2015. Lifetouch was the largest competitor with nearly 4% of the market, followed by Getty Images, Studio Alice, and Portrait Innovations. Photographic service providers are opting for online photo sharing websites and photo storage portals to showcase and promote their work and portfolios. Moreover, they are increasingly making use of the social media and blogging to market their services and photographs. Consumers can view photograph son these online platforms and purchase pictures depending on their requirement without having to pay royalty to the picture owner.
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