About Global Market Model

The Global Market Model is the world’s leading market sizing database, giving the size and growth of hundreds of goods and services markets - both in terms of monetary value as well as in units/measurements sold. Data is available for 60+ countries and regions, as displayed through the ‘Markets’ tab.


In addition, the model gives data on a range of other indicators. For example, the number of firms, people, and factories in a particular industry. These are especially useful when compared to market size - in this case giving average revenues per firm, employee, or factory in a market. This data is visible through the ‘Analytics’ tab.


The database also provides qualitative information on the shape of different markets, their development, and key trends through hundreds of reports authored by our expert market analysts. These are available through the ‘Reports’ tab.


Finally, the latest findings from our research are highlighted in the form of articles under the ‘Insights’ tab.


Take a look at the video for more information on the Global Market Model.