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Analyse Markets

How big is your market? How much is it growing? How will new regulation affect it? What share do you have, What share do your competitors have?

These are critical questions for any business, allowing you to react sooner, take opportunities, and avoid pitfalls. The Business Research Company can help you with this insight, with the support of clearly reasoned models and exhaustive sourcing. Conclusions are delivered through frameworks such as PESTLE, Porters 5 forces and matrix-es to make the implications clear and help you plan a winning strategy.

Example Projects Have Included:

  • Market Assessment: A leading mobile phone manufacturer wanted a study of the rapidly developing  3G phone market in Myanmar. Our research combined secondary sources, observation and in-person interviews. Outputs included market revenues, market trends and assessment and forecasts. Specific local factors, identified through interviews with leading figures, fed into the client’s marketing strategy.
  • Market Entry Study: A company which had recently entered the Asian cyber security market wanted to understand the best markets and companies to sell to. We delivered a database of the 100 largest companies in Asia by cyber security spend, and their security policies and concerns. The project helped the client focus its marketing effort.