Case Studies

Data Entry for an Enterprise Intelligence Company


A company specializing in providing enterprise intelligence on thousands of companies needed more capacity in order to increase its coverage. Although it already had an established offshore center in Eastern Europe, this base lacked capacity and struggled to scale. It wanted a long-term partner providing high quality information processing support with the capacity to scale as needed.


TBRC has extensive experience in gathering and organizing company data, so it was able to quickly pull together a strong team for this project. Within one month of initial discussions, a ten-person team was trained and in place, delivering as per the strict quality and quantity parameters agreed with the client.


The team updates information relating to thousands of companies every week. Information is gathered from the internet, checked, formatted, and entered into the client’s authoring tool. Using a ‘thin skin’ approach, none of the clients’ IP is maintained on TBRC’s servers or systems.

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The client has been delighted with the speed with which the team has met and exceeded the quality standards. It is currently considering expanding the team considerably, as well as engaging with TBRC to deliver ad-hoc and consulting projects on its behalf