Case Studies

KPO for an IT Sales Enablement Company


A start up technology research/ sales enablement company wanted to partner with a dedicated and professional knowledge process outsourcer with experience of researching the technology market. The requirement was for a long-term low touch engagement, with TBRC providing the environment and hiring the key staff and shared services. Project and process management was to be provided by the client


TBRC hired the key team members using our extensive experience and the Indian knowledge process outsourcing market. Our HR department then supported the new management in recruiting the team and setting it up with the office space, IT infrastructure, and finance and human resources support. Regular calls and collaborative platforms kept the client fully updated. The team was fully dedicated to the client’s needs, and all process and project design was driven by the client. Pricing was based on a cost + overhead basis.


Several teams were developed working on projects related to company data, IT contract data, contract estimation and corporate technology stack data. Data gathering was automated through crawlers and AI, with the TBRC team providing the ‘last mile’ human intelligence checks on the data before it is published

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The team grew from an initial team of ten to nearly 100 team members withing two years. The strong capabilities of the offshore team played a key role in securing the client a lucrative trade sale. The company currently has millions of dollars of sales an