Case Studies

Life Science Data Research Automation and Improvement


A life science research company was looking to switch its back-end support team. Its current provider lacked experience in pharmaceuticals and biologics product pipeline analysis. It also lacked understanding of the market research space from the client side and struggled to deal with communication issues and cultural breakdowns. Finally, they lacked the technical skills to successfully automate key parts of the process. This was wasting time and money and ultimately undermining the high quality of the product which was key.


TBRC utilised the following advantages to offer the client a superior service: TBRC’s directors have twenty years of market research experience, allowing them to understand the client’s pain points. Many of TBRC’s Consultants have several years working in pharmaceuticals pipeline analysis. Improved reporting allowed for greater visibility for the client. Better quality control processes and training drove better quality output. Our expertise in research automation allowed for greater efficiency.


The work involved finding and reporting detailed information relating to pipeline drugs and clinical trials in niche therapy areas. Key processes included: Detailed secondary research through hundreds on public and paid web sources Cloud based content sharing Web scraping and text analysis technologies Detailed quality checklists Multi-layer QC

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was able to recognise significant benefits from utilising TBRC in relation to its current provider, and is in the process of moving more of its processes to us.