Case Studies

Transformation Support for a Legal Media Company


A private equity-backed legal media company wanted to transition from a conferencing and marketing group to a data-rich market hub. To do this, it needed to add quality data assets and tools to its existing offerings. These, it wanted to develop from a combination of its large but unmonetized content repositories and new content builds. Given the large research build required, it wanted to partner with an experienced offshore outsourcer to deliver this.


The client has been given clear visibility on progress throughout the project. This has been achieved through regular calls at all levels, client visits to our Hyderabad office, detailed process documentation and activity tracking.


TBRC teams worked with the client to develop new and existing value-added content sets. This involved a range of processes: Content formatting and tagging Extracting and organizing the client’s existing archive of articles into reports Building new datasets related to deals and events Gathering people contacts data for sales teams

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The client has increased its dedicated teams from one to five and from two staff members to more than fifty over a two-year period. TBRC has played a key role in helping the company to execute its strategy and position itself differently.