Case Studies

Global Games Recommendation Engine Market Study


A gaming data solutions provider wanted to understand whether or not a market exists for game recommendation engine and game discovery engines among Online Retailers, Game Publishers, Game Content Providers (Bloggers/other game review sites), network gaming companies, app stores, and others. The research requirements included Existing and Potential Market Size Market Trends, Drivers and Restraints Competitor Analysis Customer Analysis Conclusions and Recommendations


Research findings were delivered to the client as a custom report covering – Game Recommendation Engine Market Characteristics Global Game Recommendation Engine Existing and Potential Market Scenario Global Game Recommendation Engine Customer Analysis Competitor Landscape Recommendations & Conclusions


We conducted secondary research through Magazines, domain-specific publications, industry-specific journals, news sources, research papers, and blogs. We conducted expert interviews with – Key executives working with game publishers such as Nintendo, EA Arts, Ubisoft, Sony and Bandai Namco Games Key executives working with the in-game advertising companies Key executives working with mobile and digital advertising companies Key executives working with recommendation engine providers Gaming Only Retailers such as GAME, UK, Simplygames, 365 games, Gamestop and many others

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was very satisfied with the findings of our study and was able to gain insights on the market growth potential.