Frequently Asked Questions

Login Page

I am unable to login to the page

ID and Password may not have been created for the client to login to the Global Market Model. The login credentials will be provided to the client by the company representative. The client will be able to login to the tool and change the password after this exchange. The ‘Remember me’ box can be marked to keep the email id and password in place for simpler log ins in the future.

How do I get a demo of GMM?

Once you log in to the GMM platform, click on the ‘Learn About The Site’ button on the Homepage for an overview of the site, how to use the site, and how to download the data from the site.

My ID and password do not work.

Check the password sent by the account creator. Remember that the password is case sensitive so uppercase and lowercase letters must be written in the same case as when the password was created.

For eg: GlobalMarketModel@123 will not work as globalmarketmodel@123

Note: To view more FAQs please login into Globalmarketmodel