Laptops Global Market Report 2021 - By Type (Ultrabook, Netbook, Notebook), By End-Use (Personal, Business, Gaming), By Laptop Screen Size (More than 17", 15.0" to 16.9", 13" to 14.9"), COVID-19 Impact And Recovery

What is the definition of the laptops market?

The laptops market consists of sales of laptops by entities (organizations, sole traders, and partnerships) that provide laptops which are portable and compact personal computers with the same capabilities as a desktop computer. Only goods and services traded between entities or sold to end consumers are included. Laptop computers, also known as notebooks, are small computers that users can use in a variety of environments.

How will the laptops market drivers and restraints affect laptops market dynamics? What forces will shape the laptops industry going forward?

The laptops market growth is aided by growing internet penetration. However, some laptops market restraints include increasing demand for smartphones and tablets

What is the forecast market size of the laptops market?

The laptops market forecast is expected to reach $149.02 billion in 2025 at a compound annual growth rate of 6.5%.

How is the laptops market segmented?

The global laptops market is segmented -
1) By Type: Ultrabook, Netbook, Notebook, Others
2) By End-Use: Personal, Business, Gaming
3) By Laptop Screen Size: More than 17", 15.0" to 16.9", 13" to 14.9"

Which region has largest share, and what is the market size and growth by geography according to the laptops global market report?

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Who are the key players of the global laptops market?

Top competitors in the laptops market are Dell, The Hewlett-Packard Company, AsusTek Computer Inc., Apple Inc., Acer Inc., Lenovo Group Ltd., Microsoft Corporation., Micro-Star International Co. Ltd., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Huawei Investment & Hold

What are the key trends in the global laptops market?

Major trends influencing the laptops market include developing advanced technological solutions for laptop

What are the major opportunities in the laptops market and the approaches companies can take to take advantage of them?

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How does the laptops market relate to the overall economy and other similar markets?

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