Sustainable Athleisure Global Market Report 2023 – By Type (Premium, Mass), By Gender (Women, Men), By Distribution Channel (Offline, Online) – Market Size, Trends, And Global Forecast 2023-2032

What is the definition of the sustainable athleisure market?

The sustainable athleisure market consists of sales of sustainable athleisure by entities (organizations, sole traders, or partnerships) that are referred to casual, comfortable clothing made up of eco-friendly and natural materials designed to be suitable for both exercise and everyday wear. Athleisure is a type of hybrid clothing that is typically worn during athletic activities as well as in other settings such as the workplace, school, or other casual or social occasions. Sustainable athleisure is made up of natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable, and low-impact textiles to provide consumers with high-performance activewear while protecting both people and the planet. request a sample here

How will the sustainable athleisure market drivers and restraints affect sustainable athleisure market dynamics? What forces will shape the sustainable athleisure industry going forward?

The sustainable athleisure market growth is aided by the increasing awareness of consumers toward their physical fitness. request a sample here

What is the forecast market size of the sustainable athleisure market?

The sustainable athleisure market is expected to reach $114.90 billion in 2026 at a rate of 7.5%. request a sample here

How is the sustainable athleisure market segmented?

The global sustainable athleisure market is segmented -
1) By Type: Premium, Mass 2) By Gender: Women, Men 3) By Distribution Channel: Offline, Online
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Which region has largest share, and what is the market size and growth by geography according to the sustainable athleisure global market report?

North America was the largest market in the sustainable athleisure market in 2021. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region in the global sustainable athleisure market during the forecast period. request a sample here.

Who are the key players of the sustainable athleisure market?

Top competitors in the sustainable athleisure market are Pact LLC, Adidas AG, PANGAIA, Patagonia Inc., Nike Inc., Vuori Inc, Athleta, Levi's, Alternative Apparel, H&M Conscious, Eileen Fisher, Hanesbrands Inc, Fashionable Inc., Vera Bradley, Verloop.request a sample here.

What are the key trends in the sustainable athleisure market?

Major trends influencing the sustainable athleisure market include the use of recycled products to manufacture new sportswear and shoes. Major companies operating in the sustainable athleisure sector are using waste plastic, recycled fabrics, and other waste materials to produce eco-friendly sportswear. request a sample here.

What are the major opportunities in the sustainable athleisure market and the approaches companies can take to take advantage of them?

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How does the sustainable athleisure market relate to the overall economy and other similar markets?