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Financial Services

Financial Services market research | The business research company

Technological change, regulatory upheaval and market fluctuations have all affected the financial services market more than any other in recent years. However the fundamental goals remain largely the same: finding profitable, loyal customers and successful investments. The Business Research Company offers its clients practical outsourced support in both of these activities.

See Taxonomy and Project Types

Some example projects have included:

  • 1. Prospect Research
  • Requriement

  • The client was interested in creating a partnership with a corporate bank in Japan. TBRC delivered a report covering market characteristics, PESTLE analysis of japan corporate bank market, global and japan corporate bank market size, historic and forecast, competitor landscape, financial information in detail, recommendations and conclusions.
  • 2. Competitive Analysis
  • Requriement

  • A company which was considering entering the private banking/ wealth management space in Myanmar wanted to know about the competition in the country.
    In particular it wanted to understand for local players and international companies which had already entered the market:
    Target markets
    Sales and marketing
    Approximate client base
    Approximate assets under management
  • 3. Customer Profiling
  • Requriement

  • A personal pensions provider wanted an understanding of the profile of customers in the UK market, so it could bifurcate and target the customers it wished to focus on.
    It wanted to look at customer groups by assets/income and age.
    It then wanted to understand within each of these customer groups what proportion currently had a personal pension, and what proportion might be willing to buy one if approached.
    This would then give it an understanding of the market potential for its products.
  • 4. Consumer Survey
  • Requriement

  • A mid-sized life assurer wanted to understand what IFA attitudes were to different products and providers and how this was changing over time. The client used the survey to cross-reference information provided by its own sales team.