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Partnership With Corporate Bank in Japan
  • 1. Requirement
  • Requriement

  • The client was interested in creating a partnership with a corporate bank in Japan and was looking for the following:
    Global and Japan Corporate Banking sector in detail
    PESTLE Analysis of Corporate Banking Market in Japan
    Top ten corporate banks in Japan and their profiles that include financial information that help the client for the partnership with the leader
  • 2. Solution
  • Solution

  • We delivered a report covering:
    Market Characteristics
    PESTLE analysis of Japan Corporate Bank market
    Global and Japan Corporate Bank market size, historic and forecast
    Competitor landscape
    Financial information in detail
    Recommendations and Conclusions
    Full transcripts were made available to the client
  • 3. Methodology
  • Methodology

  • TBRC conducted research through:
    Secondary research
    Identified the main players in the Corporate Banking market at a Global level and in Japan
    Key contact persons in the top 10 corporate banks in Japan
    Overall customer base, their details and other relevant information in Japan Corporate Banking market
    The above data was collected from company websites, registrars and financials bodies, regulatory bodies, statistical bodies and others.
    Primary research
    Conducted about 20 interviews with executives from the corporate banks.
  • 4. Client Benefits & Feedback
  • Client Benefits & Feedback

  • The client found the project useful for understanding the Japan Corporate Bank market and to take decisions on the partnership.

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