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Global Consultants

  • Maureen | The business research company

UK Consultant: Maureen

Maureen is our Chief Editor. She is the former Director of the MBA programme at City University, UK and Head of the School of Business/Director of the London Management Centre at Westminster University, UK. She is the author of several leading texts in the field of interpersonal work communication.

  • Maxwell | The business research company

Africa Consultant: Maxwell

Maxwell is a leading expert in market intelligence, due diligence and risk consulting in sub-Saharan Africa. He holds a B.Sc and an M.Sc in Economics, specializing in banking and finance, and has over 13 years work experience, which cuts across Investigative journalism, political and country risk, investment banking, research, consulting, rating and advisory. He has worked for leading research companies such as Gerson Lehrman Group, Zenith International Ltd, Euromonitor and Euromoney.

  • Renee | The business research company

Middle East Consulting Editor: Renee

Renee has edited in the fields of history, the social sciences, and religion for clients in niche publishing houses, small publications, and businesses, as well as individuals. Renee holds a BA in English Literature from Yeshiva University (New York City), having graduated cum laude with a focus in creative writing. In 2013 she moved her family to Israel so her husband could further his education and fulfill a lifelong dream

  • Debora | The business research company

South America Consultant: Debora

Debora has over 7 years experience in both management and moderation of several projects in Brazil and has worked on groups and home interviews in the UK. She has excellent communication skills and the ability to engage on sensitive subjects such as healthcare.

She was co-founder of the Brazilian branch of TW Research, and developed specific skills for IT, fashion, beer, music and consumer goods projects by working with qualitative techniques including ethnography and online studies, quantitative and digital techniques.

  • Amreen | The business research company

US Healthcare Consultant: Amreen

Amreen is a market research professional with more than five years’ experience in investigative research primarily in the healthcare industry. Her expertise includes secondary research, primary research, data analysis, authoring competitive analytical reports and database management.

She has a certification in market and social research from The Market Research Society, London, United Kingdom. She worked at Cognizant as a Senior Analyst and as a Medical Devices Analyst from 2010 to 2013 for GlobalData, a market intelligence firm. She is a graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) in Bio-Medical Engineering.

  • Eva | The business research company

France Consultant: Eva

Eva graduated with a BA (hons) in Design and Media Management and worked in video production for a while. She then completed a PGCE and became a primary school teacher. She writes short stories and poetry and particularly enjoys writing for children. She is bilingual in English and French, and more recently trained in copywriting at the Writers Bureau. She is currently working as a freelance copywriter, with the main focus being proofreading and editing.

  • Vassily | The business research company

France Consultant: Vassily

Vassily has a wide range of experience in education, research and marketing in both France and the UK. He is fluent in French and has a Bachelors in Education.

  • Jon | The business research company

China Consultant: Jon

Jon has been working on market and competitive research in the Chinese market for approximately five years. He has specialised in projects relating to chemicals, materials, automotive, mechanics, equipment, medicine and electrical equipment. Based in Beijing in China, he is fluent in Chinese and English. He has a Bachelors of Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology and has worked for QY research and a number of other consultancies. He has completed projects in areas such as isopropanol, sodium permanganate, diatomite, portable ultrasound devices, oil shale, oled, and solar energy.​