2022 Forecasts on Hearing Aid Devices (Equipment) Market Overview & Analysis by TBRC

PRNewswire is a press release distribution service. On Mar 18, 2020 released an article on the global hearing aid devices and equipment market, sourced from TBRC`S Global Hearing Aid Devices And Equipment Market report. Use of 3D printing is a trend that is prevalent in the global hearing aid devices & equipment market. 3D printing is a technology that produces 3D objects from 2D models which enable the manufacturing of better fitting, more comfortable, and customized hearing aid devices. 3D printing enables the shape of the ear shell to be customized according to a customer`s individual ear canal and degree of hearing loss. For example, Sonova uses advanced 3D printing technology to produce customized hearing aid devices, especially suited for each customer`s specific requirements. Examples of 3D hearing aid devices include EnvisionTEC`s E-Shell 200 Series, E-Shell 300 3D Printer Material series, and EnvisionTEC E-Clear series.

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