2023 Smoke Detectors Market by Products Analysis - Photoelectric Smoke, Ionization Smoke And Dual Sensor Smoke Detector

PRNewswire is a press release distribution service. On March 24, 2020 released an article on the global smoke detectors market, sourced from TBRC`S Global Smoke Detectors Market report. The use of Internet of Things (IoT) in smoke detectors is a major trend in the global smoke detectors market. Smoke detectors using IoT help alert the user of all possible hazards on their mobile devices at all times from anywhere, even if they are away from their property. IoT smoke detectors can work efficiently even in buildings with bad network coverage, such as in basements and building corners. Smoke detectors using IoT can report on an ongoing fire in real time. In 2018, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., a Chinese multinational technology company, launched its plug-and-use NB-IoT smoke detectors, with high power efficiency that can run from three to five years on batteries, with less than 3000 mAh capacity.

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