Electric Bikes (Scooters) Market Value is Expected to Reach $24.26 Billion by 2022 - A Report by TBRC

PR Newswire is a press release distribution service. On August 20, 2019, it released an article on the Electric Bikes And Scooters Market, sourced from TBRC`S Electric Bikes And Scooters Market report.The electric bikes and scooters market is regulated by the U.S. Congress enacted Public Law sections 107-319. This law pertains to the amendments required for the consumer product safety act and defines stern regulations to be followed retrospect to the speed of electric bikes. According to this law, the electric motor of the vehicle must be less than 750 watts and the maximum speed of the bike driven by a person weighing 170 pounds should not exceed 20 mph. To comply with this law, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) considers, approves and certifies bikes that meet this definition for manufacture and sale at the federal level.

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