Innovative Operating Room Equipment For Aging Population

19 Mar, 2020

Increasing aged population is encouraging operating room equipment manufacturers to introduce new innovative equipment to serve the older population in a better way in the operating room. Different types of smart medical devices for the elderly population are introduced in the market such as the smart operating table. For instance, Merivaara introduced the world’s most versatile and smart operating tables for elective procedures. The table can be adjusted to different heights. It can go up to 45 inches and goes down to 21.3 inches, and can also handle weight up to 280 kg. To cater to the aging population, new equipment that is more convenient for this particular segment is required. In the US, the population of aging people represents 16% of the overall US population, but accounts for 40% of overall patients who are undergoing surgeries in hospitals, and more than half of all surgical procedures.

Similarly, key players in the global operating room equipment market are focusing on the development of customized multi-parameter monitors (MPMs). These devices can be personalized to match patients’ needs. They can monitor different health parameters corresponding to patients’ health conditions. For instance, Infinium Medical’s Omni series monitors are preconfigured with ECG, oxygen saturation, non-invasive blood pressure and temperature trackers. More advanced health measures such as invasive blood pressure, cardiac output, and anesthetic agent measurement can be added to this device when needed. Custom MPMs are predominantly beneficial for tracking the health status of patients in operating rooms.

The global operating room equipment market was valued at $27,607 million in 2019, and is expected to grow to $32,922 million in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5%. Technological advances in the healthcare industry and increasing popularity of innovative operating room equipment support the growth of the market.

Other innovations in the operating room equipment market include the use of next generation ultrasonic surgical devices, and Evoked Potential Assessment Device (EPAD) technology in neuromonitoring devices used in surgeries. Next generation ultrasonic surgical devices are being offered by manufacturers to simplify complex surgical procedures. Modern ultrasonic surgical devices are multifunctional instruments capable of performing tissue plane dissection, coagulation, and transection during laparoscopic or open surgical procedures. Next generation ultrasonic devices feature adaptive tissue technology.

The EPAD system is a platform that enables healthcare providers to detect damage and post-operative surgical paralysis before and after brain surgeries. Currently, available neuromonitoring devices are electronically programmable and are being used to monitor spinal cord and peripheral nerves. During surgeries, it is imperative and difficult to make sure that nerves are not being damaged by the medical instruments used. EPAD neuromonitoring devices allow surgeons to identify damages caused by medical instruments during surgeries.