Organ-On-Chip Global Market 2018

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Organs-on-chips (OOCs) are small plastic devices with biocompatible microfluidic chambers, which contain multiple live human cells in a 3D culture that simulate key physiological functions of body organs. These cells are placed in an environment which artificially replicates aspects of human body such as morphology, movement, flow, electrical stimuli and liquid gradients. The resulting device mimics human organ functions and is used to study biomedical phenomena.  

The global organ-on-chips market was valued at $34 million in 2017. North America accounted for about 60% of the global organ-on-a-chip market in 2017. The USA accounts for the dominant share of the North American market.

Human organs-on-chips (OOCs) are miniaturized versions of lungs, livers, kidneys, heart, brain, intestines and other vital human organs embedded in a chip. With advances in OOC technology, drug regulatory bodies have started testing OOCs for their reliability and their use as an alternative to animal testing.

The companies covered are CN Bio Innovations, Emulate, TissUse, Mimetas, and Hurel.

The countries covered are USA, China, Germany, Brazil, Japan, UK, Spain, Russia, France, Australia, Italy, India and rest of the world.

The organs-on-chip market, which comes under the pharmaceuticals market or the consumer goods market, is segmented by organ type as: Lung-On-Chip, Heart-On-Chip, Liver-On-Chip, Intestine-On-Chip, Kidney-On-Chip, Skin-On-Chip, Blood-Brain-Barrier-On-Chip and Other Organ Models.

Lung-on-chip is mainly used to study airway closure and opening, lung inflammation, airway protein synthesis or pulmonary absorption.

Heart-on-chip is used for measuring the stresses, electrophysiology and cellular architecture of the heart.

Liver-on-chip is one of the most versatile organ models available commercially. Some liver disease models are also commercially available; these include CN-Bio’s Quantam-B, a hepatitis-B model. The specific disease models on chips can be used for screening and evaluation of drug molecules for specific diseases.

Intestine-on-chip model is used to provide a physiological estimate of a drug’s absorption and metabolism in humans and study inflammatory bowel diseases of the GI tract in an accurate microenvironment.

Kidney-on-chip is mainly used to test the toxic effects of drugs on kidneys and also to evaluate the important pharmacokinetic parameters and elimination characteristics of a drug molecule.

Skin-on-chip model represents human skin physiology and is used for risk assessment and drug efficacy testing.

Blood-Brain-Barrier-On-Chip model is used to understand and treat several neurological diseases and brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Other Organ Models primarily include multi organ-on-chip models, human-on-chip models, tumor models and custom organ models.

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