Diagnostic Equipment Market Global Briefing 2018

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Diagnostic equipment is used for identifying the presence and cause of disease, assessing the nature of disease, designating a course of treatment, monitoring the effects of interventions and determining the recurrence of existing disease. The diagnostic equipment market doesn’t include invitro diagnostics products that are used to detect diseases, infections and conditions by examining specimens derived from human body such as tissues, blood, stool, urine and other body fluids.

The top five companies covered are Philips Healthcare, Hitachi Medical Systems, Fujifilm Holdings, Siemens Healthcare and GE Healthcare. Philips Healthcare was the largest company in the diagnostic equipment market in 2017.

The countries covered are USA, China, Germany, Brazil, Japan, UK, Spain, Russia, France, Australia, Italy, India and rest of the world.

Diagnostic Equipment Global Market Size

The global diagnostic equipment market was valued at above $42 billion in 2017. Asia Pacific was the largest region in the diagnostic equipment market in 2017, accounting for less than 35% market share. The USA was the largest country in the market in 2017, accounting for around 20% market share.

Diagnostic Equipment Global Market Trend

Portable diagnostic equipment is expected to be a fast growing segment, and competitors are focusing on developing new and innovative portable equipment during the forecast period. Owing to their ease of use and point-of-care applications, their adoption rates are steadily increasing not only for emergency and intensive care units in hospitals, but also as a part of homecare organizations. There is also a growing need for portable devices in the emergency care units for easy and quick usage, faster interventions for acute events, and better monitoring.

Diagnostic Equipment Global Market Segmentation

The market segments in the diagnostic equipment market are X-ray Systems, Ultrasound Systems, Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems, Cardiovascular Monitoring and Diagnostic Devices, and Nuclear Imaging Devices.
X-ray Systems include general radiography X-ray systems, fluoroscopy X-ray systems, mammography X-ray systems, interventional X-ray systems, and mobile c-arm X-ray systems.
Ultrasound Systems can be classified based on technology, portability, device display and applications.
Computed Tomography (CT) scanner uses computer-controlled X-rays to create images of the body. CT scan is a three-dimensional method of scanning.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems use a fixed or static magnetic field and radio frequency signals to visualize anatomy, tissue characteristics, vascular flow, chemical composition of tissues, and perfusion and diffusion of tissues.
Nuclear Imaging Devices Market engage in the manufacturing and marketing of nuclear imaging devices that are used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
Cardiovascular Monitoring and Diagnostic Devices market engages in the manufacturing of devices for the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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