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Global Organ-On-Chip Market, Opportunities And Strategies To 2021

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Global Organ-On-Chip Market Charecterstics

The organ-on-chips industry comprises of establishments involved in the manufacturing and development of organ-on-chips models. Organ-on-chips are microfluidic 3D cell culture devices that closely mimic the key physiological functions of body organs. These chips are not designed to bio mimic an entire organ, but simulate the physiology of a single functional unit of an organ system.

Global Organ-On-Chip Market Competitive Landscape

Major players in the organ-on-chip market include CN Bio Innovations, Emulate, TissUse, Mimetas, Hµrel and others.

Global Organ-On-Chip Market Size

The organ-on-chips market is expected to reach $284 million by 2021. Growth in the organ-on-chips market is due to improved drug screening with organ-on-chips, investments by pharmaceutical companies in drug testing and increasing government funding in the research and development of organ-on-chips models.

However, the organ-on-chips market is expected to face restraints from several factors which include complex manufacturing techniques of organ-on-chips, stringent drug approvals from regulatory bodies and requirement for specialized equipment for the development of specific organ models.

Global Organ-On-Chip Market Segmentation

The global organ-on-chips market is further segmented on the basis of organ type, end users and geography.
Organ Type - The global organ-on-chips market is segmented into lung-on-chip, heart-on-chip, liver-on-chip, intestine-on-chip, kidney-on-chip, skin-on-chip, blood-brain-barrier-on-chip and human-on-chip.
Lung-on-chip model is designed using human lung and blood vessel cells. It is a multifunctional model that has the potential to mimic key structural, functional and mechanical properties of the human alveolar-capillary interface.
Heart-on-chip model is a highly complex model which is designed to mimic the contractility and response of hearts in the in-vitro condition.
Liver-on-chip model mimics one of the most versatile organs, the liver. The liver-on-chip model is used for assessing the toxicity profile of drug molecules.
Intestine-on-chip model is a microfluidic device is developed to provide a physiological estimate of a drug’s absorption and metabolism in humans.
Kidney-on-chip model is lined by human kidney epithelial cells. This model has the potential to simulate the in-vivo physiology of a nephron, which is the functional unit of the kidney.
Skin-on-chip model is one of the various organ-on-chip models that is under development, which tries to mimic exchange of immune cells, controlled environment and increased barrier function.
Blood-brain-barrier-on-chip models are used to understand and treat neurological diseases and different drugs.
Human-on-chip model is achieved by integrating multiple organs-on-chips. Most organs-on-chips are seeded with specified cell lines which represent the physiological functions of individual organs. Thus, to evaluate the effects of the drug simultaneously on multiple organ systems, a human-on-chip is developed.
Among these segments, the lung-on-chip model is the most commercially used organ models, followed by heart-on-chip and liver-on-chip model.
By End Users - The global organ on a chip market is segmented into pharmaceuticals, research organizations, consumer goods and cosmetics, food and beverages and others.
Among these segments, the pharmaceuticals industry holds the largest share in the global organ-on-chips market.
By Geography - The global organ-on-chips market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Among these regions, the North American organ-on-chips market dominates the global organ-on-chips market followed by the European organ-on-chips market.
Global Organ On A Chip Market Trends
The development of organs on chips for human testing, using organ-on-chips technology in space and integrating advanced technologies such as 3D printing and automation on organ-on-chips models are a few trends witnessed globally in the organ-on-chips market.
Potential Opportunities In the Global Organ-On-Chip Market
With increasing number of collaborative sales agreements between the pharmaceutical companies and university spin-offs, entry of new advanced models of organ-on-chips devices into the market and the launch of human-on-chip models, there is high scope and potential for the organ-on-chips market.

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