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Agriculture Global Market Briefing 2017

Agriculture Global Market Briefing 2017

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Including: Dairy Cattle and Milk Production, General Animal Production, Forestry and Logging, Beef Farming, Fruit and Nut Farming, General Crop Farming, Historic and Forecast Revenues 2012 – 2020

Covering: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania

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Agriculture Global Market Report from the Business Research Company covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies for this market.

The market characteristics section of the report defines and explains the market.

The market size section gives the agriculture market revenues, covering both the historic growth of the market and forecasting the future.

Drivers and restraints looks at the external factors supporting and controlling the growth of the market.

Market segmentations break down the key sub sectors which make up the market. The regional breakdowns section gives the size of the market geographically.

Competitive landscape gives a description of the competitive nature of the market, market shares, and a description of the leading companies. Key financial deals which have shaped the market in the last three years are identified.

The trends and strategies section highlights the likely future developments in the agriculture market and suggests approaches.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Get up to date information available on the agriculture market globally.
  • Identify growth segments and opportunities.
  • Facilitate decision making on the basis of historic and forecast data and understand the drivers and restraints on the market.
  • Develop strategies based on likely future developments.
  • Gain a global perspective on the development of the market.
Additional information
Markets Covered:

Farming, Oilseed, Grain, Vegetable, Fruit And Tree Nut, Greenhouse, Nursery, And Floriculture Production, Beef Cattle Ranching And Farming, Dairy Cattle And Milk Production, Animal Production, Poultry And Egg Production, Forestry And Logging, Fishing, Hunting And Trapping, Support Activities For Agriculture And Forestry

Companies Mentioned:

Cargill Incorporated, ADM, Monsanto Co, Syngenta AG, Bunge Ltd, Tyson Foods

Geographic scope:

Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa

Time series:

Five years historic and forecast.


Market value in $ millions.

Data segmentations:

Regional breakdowns, market share of competitors, key sub segments.

Sourcing and Referencing:

Data and analysis throughout the report is sourced using end notes.

Table Of Content
Agriculture Market Characteristics 4
Agriculture Market Size and Comparisons 2017 5
Agriculture Sector Historic Growth 6
Drivers of the Market 6
Restraints on the Market 7
Agriculture Market Forecast 8
Drivers of the Market 8
Restraints on the Market 9
Agriculture Market Segmentation 11
Agriculture Market Geography Split 13
Agriculture Market Competitors 15
Cargill, Inc 16
Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) 16
Tyson Foods 16
Agriculture Market Key Mergers and Acquisitions 18
Agriculture Market Trends and Strategies 19
Appendix 21
Abbreviations 21
Currencies 21
Definitions 21
The Business Research Company 21
List Of Table
Table 1: Global Agriculture Market, Historic Market Size, 2012 – 2016, $ Billion 6
Table 2: Global Agriculture Market, Forecast Market Size, 2016 – 2020(e), $ Billion 8
Table 3: Global Agriculture Market, Split By Segment, 2016, $ Billion 12
Table 4: Global Agriculture Market , Split By Region, 2016, $ Billion 14
Table 5 :Global Agriculture Market, Key Competitor Market Shares, 2016, Percentage(%) 15
List Of Figure
Figure 1: Global Agriculture Market, Historic Market Size, 2012 – 2016, $ Billion 6
Figure 2: Global Agriculture Market, Forecast Market Size, 2016 – 2020(e), $ Billion 8
Figure 3: Global Agriculture Market, Split By Segment, 2016, $ Billion 11
Figure 4: Global Agriculture Market , Split By Region, 2016, $ Billion 13
Figure 5: Global Agriculture Market, Key Competitor Market Shares, 2016, Percentage (%) 15
Executive Summary
Agricultural activities include ploughing, seeding, watering, harvesting and rearing animals. The agriculture industry serves as the source of raw materials for the food processing industry and also to individual customers and commercial establishments. Moreover, many other industries such as the cotton, jute, sugar, tobacco and vegetable oil industries get the major portion of their raw materials from agriculture.
The global agriculture market is expected to grow to more than $5000 billion in 2020. The increase in wastage of food is one of many reasons for this growth. The United Nations estimates that one-third of the world’s food goes waste either during agricultural production, handling and storage, processing, distribution or consumption. Consumers who are accustomed to more food supplies often purchase more food that they actually require. The extra food they purchase is then spoiled over time and discarded. With increased supermarkets operating in developed and developing nations, fruits and vegetables are often required to be fresh and clean for them to be considered for sale. An unsold and old stock of produce is all discarded which is leading to increased food waste. This is placing more demand on farming and their production volumes.
The top five competitors in the market made up more then 5% of the total market share in 2016. Shortage of labor and increasing demand for advanced agriculture tools in many countries is driving the demand for agriculture robots or agribots. Agribots are used in farmlands for pruning, weeding and spraying pesticides and herbicides. They are connected to tractors for spraying water, seeds, pesticides, nutrients and harvesting. For instance, Energid Citrus Picking Robot System picks an orange every two seconds from a tree, thus enhancing productivity and thereby limiting the need for agricultural labor.
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