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India Fundraising Market Report

India Fundraising Market Report

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Including: Charity, fundraising, telemarketing, fundraising events, awareness campaigns, crowd sourcing

Covering: Save the Children, CARE, Oxfam, Child Rights and You (CRY), HelpAge, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and UNICEF

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The Indian Fundraising Market Report gives information on one of the world’s highest potential charity markets. Based on detailed interviews with many of the top executives from India’s leading charities, it gives a detailed insight into the fundraising scenario of these charities. It looks at the different strategies the charities are adopting in fundraising and compares which charities are most successfully raising funds and suggests why. It reviews the most important sources of revenue – individuals, corporates and institutions, and highlights their relative growth patterns. The report also covers the drivers and restraints on the fundraising market in India. It also includes the factors that will influence the funds raised by the charities in India.

Reasons to Buy

  • Understand the current size of the market and its potential
  • Identify winning and losing strategies
  • Understand one of the world’s most promising markets for fundraising
  • Detailed inputs from senior representatives of India’s most important charities
Additional information

Funding analysis, funding by source, number of employees


Last 4 years


Challenges/ Strategies and Outcomes, PESTEL Analysis, Drivers and Restraints, Market Predictions, Comparative Analysis


Summarised interviews with 11 of India’s top charity executives

Charities covered:

Save the Children, CARE, Oxfam, Child Rights and You (CRY), HelpAge, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and UNICEF

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary 6
Introduction 8
Indian Fundraising Market Characteristics 9
Methods Of Fundraising 9
Causes Of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) In India 10
Participants In The Fundraising Market 11
Indian Fundraising Market Value Chain 12
Indian Fundraising Market, Case Studies On Leading INGOs 13
Save The Children India 13
Challenges 13
Strategies 14
Result/Outcome 14
CARE India 14
Challenges 14
Strategies 15
Result/Outcome 15
OXFAM India 15
Challenges 15
Strategies 16
Result/Outcome 17
CRY (Child Rights and You) India 17
Challenges 17
Strategies 18
Result/Outcome 18
HelpAge India 18
Challenges 18
Strategies 19
Result/Outcome 19
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) India 19
Challenges 19
Strategies 20
Result/Outcome 20
Indian Fundraising Market, Comparative Fundraising Analysis 21
Organization Profiles 21
Save The Children India 21
CARE India 23
OXFAM India 24
CRY (Child Rights and You) India 27
HelpAge India 29
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) India 31
UNICEF India 34
Comparative Analysis 36
PESTLE Analysis of Fundraising Market in India 40
Political Factors 40
Economic Factors 40
Social Factors 41
Technological Factors 41
Legal Factors 42
Environmental Factors 43
Indian Fundraising Market Forecast 44
Drivers For Fundraising For INGOs In India 44
Growth In Social Media Usage (Digital Fundraising) 44
Increasing Preference For INGOs Due To Superior Quality Standards 44
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Regulations 45
Restraints To Fundraising For INGOs In India 45
Getting Funds For Intangible Issues Is Difficult 45
Donor Priorities 45
Difficulty In Raising Funds For Remote Areas 45
Limitations In The CSR Policy 46
Expectations Of INGOs On Future Growth Of Fundraising In India 47
Corporate Fundraising Has Untapped Potential 48
Individual Fundraising Can Be Challenging 48
Other Funding Sources That Will Be Prominent 48
Government Grants and Affiliates To Remain Key Sources For Many INGOs 48
Appendix 50
Research Methodology 50
Abbreviations 50
Currencies 50
Interview Summaries 50
Interview 1 50
Interview 2 55
Interview 3 58
Interview 4 60
Interview 5 66
Interview 6 71
Interview 7 72
Interview 8 78
Interview 9 84
Interview 10 90
Interview 11 93
Research Enquiries 96
The Business Research Company 96
Executive Summary
The Indian fundraising market is influenced by many political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors. The main factors that are expected to positively affect the Indian fundraising market include the growth of Indian economy, changing mindsets of people, globalization, increased phone and internet penetration, and developed payment systems. The increase in social media usage, growing preference for international NGOs due to their quality standards, and CSR regulations are also expected to drive the growth of fundraising. The CSR bill makes it mandatory for corporate companies to spend 2% of average profits of the past three years on developmental causes. This has increased the amount of corporate donation to many NGOs. In 2014-15, total funds raised by the seven INGOs covered in this study were INR624 crores (approximately $100 million). This is a very small amount when compared to the funds raised in developed nations. For instance, Stanford and Harvard Universities in the US raised around $1.63 billion and $1.05 billion in 2015, respectively. The funds raised from individuals declined for most INGOs. One of the main reasons for this is the strict Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regulations about cold calling such as the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) facility making it harder to raise funds through cold calling.
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