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Food Delivery Business in Dubai
  • 1. Requirement
  • Requriement

  • The client wanted us to do a market research study to understand the food delivery market in Dubai in order to:
    Enter the market
    Become the logistics partner with Uber in order to deliver food
    Know the break even point
  • 2. Solution
  • Solution

  • The deliverable was in the form of a report that consisted of:
    Food services market in Dubai
    Online food delivery market in Dubai
    Factors influencing the online food delivery market in Dubai
    Value chain
    Market trends
    Market size
    Competitor analysis
    Financial analysis
    Break even analysis
  • 3. Methodology
  • Methodology

  • 8+ interviews conducted in UAE with online food delivery companies, high-end restaurants and industry experts.
    All calls recorded or carefully noted with the permission of the respondent.
    Relevant paid and public sources were mined in order to get information on delivery rates, financials, delivery partners, delivery areas, time, etc.
    Financial and break even analysis was also done by us based on information gathered through primary and secondary sources.
  • 4. Client Benefits & Feedback
  • Client Benefits & Feedback

  • The client was very satisfied with the report as it met their requirement of understanding business feasibility and market entry strategies.

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