Market Sizing
And Forecasts


We create quantitative models to help clients estimate the size and growth of markets, using methods such as ‘Delphic’ technic to check numbers and assumptions with industry experts. All data is sourced and assumptions are explained.

Market Sizing

  • Our market sizing estimates are built ‘bottom up’.

  • Typical starting points are known data sets such as population, projects, sales.

  • Assumptions are then built up, including take-up, price, frequency, brand choice etc, based on primary and secondary data.

  • Numbers are triangulated with existing market estimates. Extrapolation, correlation, and regression techniques used for estimates.

Market Forecasts

  • Market forecasts are based on balancing the key factors.

  • Existing hard data is used where available (e.g. planned projects).

  • Forecast macroeconomic information is also applied where appropriate (e.g. GDP, epidemiological data).

  • Market factors are quantified and applied (e.g. patent approvals, off patents, historic trends).

If you have any market sizing and forecasting requirements, tell us a bit more on what you are looking to quantify and we will get back to you:


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