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Market research report | The business research company

Running software, hardware and technology service businesses is as much about people as it is about technology. The Business Research Company uses cross-sector expertise to help technology companies compete and thrive in an industry where the speed of innovation requires the key information in real time.

We cover the whole technology market including software products, services, hardware and telecoms.

See Taxonomy and Project Types

Some example projects have included:

  • 1. Competitive Analysis
  • Requriement

  • A German telecom operator was trying to benchmark itself with other competitors. Porters Five Force Model for Telecom market in Germany was also required. The deliverable was in the form of a word document covering the Telecom market environment in Germany and competitive landscape.
  • 2. Market Entry Study
  • Requriement

  • A client was interested in assessing UAE as a potential market for providing telecom services. Research findings were delivered as a report including market environment in UAE, competitor landscape and highlights of all primary interviews.
  • 3. Due Diligence
  • Requriement

  • A client wanted commercial and technical SWOT analysis of an airport software provider for potential acquisition, and understanding of the airport information systems market worldwide. The report was provided to the client covering market analysis, company analysis, market position and future prospects.
  • 4. Consumer Survey
  • Requriement

  • A leading e-commerce company conducted a survey among its prime customers who were part of its big sale. It had collected responses from its consumers and wanted TBRC to do the analysis of the survey. The report in the form of PowerPoint presentation covering break-down of respondents who participated in the study by their age group and frequency of their purchase.