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Consumer Survey of Attitudes to SMART TV In India
  • 1. Requirement
  • Requriement

  • A manufacturer of televisions wanted to understand consumer trends in this area. In particular it wanted to know about consumer attitudes to particular television features. These included:
    Price and size/ appearance
    High definition and Surround Sound
    TV on demand
    Internet and OTT integration
    Second screen companion devices
    Organic User Interface
    Speech/ gesture control
  • It wanted this information for Indian consumers segmented by age, sex, urban/rural.
  • 2. Solution
  • Solution

  • We ran an extensive consumer survey.
    An online and telephone survey of 4000 consumers, split into 40 segments.
    The questionnaire was designed to be user-friendly and simple in order to gain accurate responses from a varied audience.
    Results were presented using Q Analytics software, and infographics as well as complete data in Excel.
  • 3. Methodology
  • Methodology

  • Questionnaire finalised with the client.
    Leveraged in-house consumer database as 3rd party contacts providers.
    Email blast of c20,000 consumers.
    Follow up telephone from our centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad, including more than 15 resources to fill quotas.
    Use of InformIT for web based surveys and CATI system for telephone interviews.
  • 4. Client Benefits & Feedback
  • Client Benefits & Feedback

  • The information gave the client a much clearer idea of changing Indian consumer preferences in relation to television.
    It found that younger urban viewers were interested in convergent technologies, personalization, and Over The Top.
    Older and rural viewers were less interested in technology integration and more focused on sound and vision quality, price and aestheticism of the set.

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