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Telehealth Services Global Market, Opportunities And Strategies To 2022

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Telehealth Services Market Characterstics

Telehealth services include the distribution of health-related services and information through electronic form and telecommunication technologies. It is the one of the fastest growing sectors in the healthcare industry.

Global Telehealth Services Market Competitive Landscape

The major players in the global telehealth services market include Aerotel Medical Systems, Cerner Corporation, AMD Telemedicine, GE Healthcare and Polycom Inc.

Global Telehealth Services Market Size

Telemedicine allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in remote locations by using telecommunications and information technology as medium of communication between patients and doctors. Telemedicine is also referred to as telehealth or e-health. Telemedicine enables patients in remote locations to access medical expertise easily, efficiently and without travel. Telemedicine provides more efficient use of limited expert resources to monitor patients in remote locations whenever it is required without leaving their facility. In addition, this technology helps local practitioners to consult with their peers and with other clinical experts when it is required. Telemedicine further allows them to participate in seminars and educational conferences they would not normally have access to without travel and time away from their patient.

Telehealth Services Market Segmentation

The global telehealth services market is segmented on the basis of service area, applications and geography.
By Type Of Service Area- The global telehealth services market is segmented into tele-home and tele-hospital segments.
Tele-home telehealth services involves the delivery of healthcare services directly to patients at home by means of telecommunications technologies that enables the interactive voice, video and health related data. This is done by healthcare professional from an external site.
Tele-hospital involves the delivery of remote healthcare services to inpatients or healthcare service offerings within the hospital.
Among these segments, tele-hospital holds the largest market share in the global telehealth services market. However, the tele-home segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR in the forecast period.
By Applications- The global telehealth services market is segmented into tele-radiology, tele-consultation, tele-monitoring, tele-surgery and others.
Tele-radiology is defined as a medical technology that is used to store and transmit digital radiology images electronically from one location to another location for the diagnosis, consultation or treatment.
Tele-consultation provides the virtual communication between healthcare professional at two different locations to get the opinion about a difficult care or between a patient and healthcare professional to consult about the diagnosis, treatment of services through tools such as web conferencing or audio/video conferencing.
Tele-monitoring offers remotely monitoring of patients who are not at the same location as the health care provider.
Tele-surgery is also known as remote surgery, which is performed by a surgeon virtually but not physically being present at the patient location. The surgical tasks are directly performed by a robotic system that is controlled by a specialist at a remote site.
Among these applications, the market for tele-radiology segment accounted the largest market share, followed by the tele-consultation segment, in the global telemedicine technologies market.
By Geography- The global telehealth services market is segmented into the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. Among these regions, the North American telehealth services market accounts for the largest share in the global telehealth services market.
Potential Opportunities In The Telehealth Services Market
With the growing ageing population, rising disposable income, digitalization and rising awareness for telemedicine is expected to increase the potential and scope for the global market for telehealth services. TBRC’s report also covers the telemedicine mobile healthcare trends in the market.

1. Introduction

1.1 Research Scope And Description

1.2 Research Methodology

1.3 Sources

1.3.1 Secondary Research

2 Global Telemedicine Technologies: Market Segmentation

3 Executive Summary

4 Global Telemedicine Technologies Market Overview

5 Market Drivers

5.1 Ageing population

5.2 Shortage Of Physicians And Specialist Healthcare Professionals

5.3 Ubiquity Of Mobile Technologies Drive The Market Growth

5.4 Lowering Cost And Improving Patient Satisfaction Will Drive The Market Growth

6 Challenges

6.1 Privacy And Security Concerns Hindering The Growth Of Market

6.2 Dearth Of Trained Professionals Who Has Expertise In Telemedicine Applications Might Hamper The Market Growth

6.3 High Cost Of Telemedicine Technologies Hamper The Growth Of Global Telemedicine Technologies Market

7 Value Chain Analysis

8 Porter’s Five Forces

8.1 Bargaining Power Of Suppliers

8.2 Bargaining Power Of Buyers

8.3 Threat Of New Entrants

8.4 Threat Of Substitutes

8.5 Competitive Rivalry

9 Competitive Landscape

10 Global Telemedicine Technologies Market

10.1 Global Telemedicine Technologies Market, By Service Of Area

10.1.1 Tele-Home Segment

10.1.2 Tele-Hospital Segment

10.2 Global Telemedicine Technologies Market, By Application

10.2.1 Tele-Radiology

10.2.2 Tele-Consultation

10.2.3 Tele-Monitoring

10.2.4 Tele-Surgery

10.2.5 Others

10.3 Global Telemedicine Technologies Market, By Geography

10.3.1 North America

10.3.2 Europe

10.3.3 Asia-Pacific

10.3.4 Rest Of The World

11 Company Profiles

11.1 Aerotel Medical Systems

11.1.1 Company Overview

11.1.2 Business Strategy

11.1.3 Financial Overview

11.1.4 Products And Services

11.1.5 Recent Developments

11.1.6 Key Executives

11.2 Cerner Corporation

11.2.1 Company Overview

11.2.2 Business Strategy

11.2.3 Financial Overview

11.2.4 Products And Services

11.2.5 Recent Developments

11.2.6 Key Executives

11.3 AMD Telemedicine

11.3.1 Company Overview

11.3.2 Business Strategy

11.3.3 Financial Overview

11.3.4 Products And Services

11.3.5 Recent Developments

11.3.6 Key Executives

11.4 GE Healthcare (Subsidiary of GE)

11.4.1 Company Overview

11.4.2 Business Strategy

11.4.3 Financial Overview

11.4.4 Products And Services

11.4.5 Recent Developments

11.4.6 Key Executives

11.5 Polycom Inc.

11.5.1 Company Overview

11.5.2 Business Strategy

11.5.3 Financial Overview

11.5.4 Products And Services

11.5.5 Recent Developments

11.5.6 Key Executives

11.6 Honeywell Life Care Solutions (Subsidiary of Honeywell International Inc.)

11.6.1 Company Overview

11.6.2 Business Strategy

11.6.3 Financial Overview

11.6.4 Products And Services

11.6.5 Recent Developments

11.6.6 Key Executives

12 Appendix

13 Market Data Sources

14 Research Methodology

15 Note on Currency Conversions

16 Research Inquiries

17 The Business Research Company

18 Copyright and Disclaimer

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