Toiletries Global Market Report 2018

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The toiletries industry includes companies involved in preparing, blending, compounding, and packaging toiletries. The products that are classified as toiletries include perfumes, shaving preparations, hair preparations, face creams, lotions, sunscreens and other cosmetics.

Some of the major companies covered are Reckitt Benckiser Group, Unilever, Henkel AG & Co. and Beiersdorf AG. Reckitt Benckiser Group was the largest company in the market.

The countries covered are USA, China, Germany, Brazil, Japan, UK, Spain, Russia, France, Australia, Italy, India and rest of the world.

Toiletries Global Market Size

The global toiletries market was valued at around $276 billion in 2017. Asia Pacific was the largest region in the toiletries market in 2017, accounting for above 39% market share. China was the largest country accounting for under 19% market share.

Toiletries Global Market Trend

The demand for products with halal certified ingredients is growing. Various chemical companies are manufacturing products which comply with international halal standard HAS 23000.

Toiletries Global Market Segmentation

Toiletries market is segmented into lotions, hair preparations, face creams, perfumes and shaving preparations.
Lotions (including sunscreens) is a smooth liquid preparation designed to be applied to the skin for medicinal, cosmetic purposes or protective purposes, e.g. sunscreens absorb or reflects some of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation and thus help protect against sunburn.
Hair preparations include sprays, bleaches, dyes, conditioners, rinses, shampoos, nutrient lotions, etc. which are applied topically in the hair.
Face creams are cosmetic creams or lotion, consisting of any of various substances in the form of a thick liquid, applied to the face to improve the complexion and for softening and moisturizing the skin.
Perfumes is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents which give a pleasant scent to the human body, animals, food, objects, and living-spaces.

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