Competitive Analysis for a Healthcare IT Company

1. Requirement

A leading software technology company offering Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) wanted to understand why it was losing market share to a number of smaller competitors. Specifically it wanted to know the following for three HIS providers Operations set up Sales by product Research and Development spend and focus Products launched and upgraded, technical specifications End user feedback/ market attitude Pricing benchmarks

2. Solution

A detailed presentation in PowerPoint on each provider included: Operations centers, geographies, staff Revenues split by geography and service line (estimated) Products and services on offer and in pipeline Research & Development – spend (global and regional) and focus areas (estimated) Customer feedback on products Social media response Approximate pricing benchmarks, Price/value perception of clients

3. Methodology

TBRC conducted research on each provider through:- Primary research (5+ interviews with senior employees; 5+ interviews with customer hospitals) Secondary research (company websites, journals and presentations) Social Media monitoring – monitoring comments on consumer discussion forums and professional networking sites Delivery of a comprehensive report on the competitor and the threat it posed to the client

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The report on the operations of the providers helped the client to shape its strategic response. Primary research revealed a range of important strategic information the client had not been aware of, including: Lower than expected price points and higher discounts Customer perceptions that the smaller companies were more responsive Technology development focus areas of the providers

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