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Platinum Market Package
20,000$ Onwards
Exclusive analysis report
Company-to-competitor comparisons
Meticulous listing and shortlisting
Nuanced customer development
Ongoing tracking and updates
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Market Entry Package
8,500$ Onwards
Number of interviews – 5-7
Competitors - 3-5
Distributors - 1-2
Market sizing
Risk assessment
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Competitor Tracking Package
12,000$ Onwards
Competitor Interviews: 5-7
Distributors/Intermediaries: 3-5
Strategic analysis
Market share
Quarterly updates
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Supplier & Distributor Package
8,000$ Onwards
Meticulous long listing
Supplier selection support
Seamless distribution network
Regulatory compliance
HR and administrative support
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Customer Research Package
8,000$ Onwards
Customer acquisition focus
Consumer surveys
Qualified lead generation
Pre-sales calls
Satisfaction surveys
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M&A Target Search Package
15,000$ Onwards
M&A target search
Long-listing of targets
Strategic shortlisting
Initial contact facilitation
Detailed recommendations
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Prospect Listing Package
1,000$ Onwards
Customized B2B lists
Prospect profiling
Experienced analysts
Highly usable prospect lists
Time-saving partnership
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Pricing Research Package
5,000$ Onwards
Market pricing data
Pricing strategies
Supply chain analysis
Tailored recommendations
Industry expertise