Customer Satisfaction Survey for a European Utility

1. Requirement

Faced by a high churn rate in its most profitable corporate customers, a small European utility wished to understand its customers’ perspectives and requirements better. The client wanted to understand attitudes to: Control and power management Technology interfaces Customer support Loyalty bonuses and incentives Pricing Billing

2. Solution

TBRC delivered the following to meet the client’s needs. A detailed quantitative and qualitative presentation on the findings of the satisfaction survey. Full summaries of all interviews. Strategic advice relating to: Customer interface portals. Sales and marketing approach. Simplifying loyalty schemes.

3. Methodology

TBRC suggested a customer satisfaction survey with the following parameters. Interviews and focus group discussion with key executives from 20 of the company’s 40 largest clients in its home market. Interviews conducted by phone, online (for focus group) or face-to-face wherever feasible, and in local language where required. Open-ended discussions with expert interviewers. (I would suggest replacing this with “In-depth interviews with industry experts”)

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

On the basis of this research and other findings the company decided to make significant changes in structure to increase focus on its corporate customers’ demands,