Due Diligence on Hydrogen Technology Companies

1. Requirement

Our client was planning acquisitions in the hydrogen market and so wanted to conduct due diligence on two companies which focus on hydrogen compression and purification technology and electrolysis hydrogen generators in the Netherlands. In relation to this the client wanted to know: • Who are the current and potential customers of the companies that offer these technologies? • Who are the stake holders including investors and partners of these companies? • What is the size of these companies in terms of revenue, capital and number of employees? • What is the current and future business strategy of these companies?

2. Solution

A report was present to the client covering: • The financials of the target companies. • The employee strength and their geographic presence. • Customers and their opinions of the target companies. • The expansion plans of the target companies and their investments in widening their product portfolio.

3. Methodology

The research methodology adopted was: Utmost care had to be taken given the small size of the target companies and the sensitivity attached to the project. Research through secondary resources such as trade journals, news articles. Interviews were conducted within the company and with customers and project partners to gap fill the information needed.

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The due diligence study gave the client a better understanding of the companies that offer these technologies. The client used the study in deciding whether or not to move forward with their investment plans.