End Use Study for Industrial Chemicals

1. Requirement

A leading chemical manufacturer wanted to make a stop/go decision on building an additional toluene capacity. For this reason it wanted to know the market size and characteristics of toluene with a major focus on various end- use applications of this chemical. The scope of the report included: Characteristics, makeup and global size of toluene. The most important markets for toluene. Major current and potential end use markets for toluene.

2. Solution

TBRC produced a comprehensive report including: A detailed introduction and description of toluene Production process Market characteristics Market size and forecast Market split by application Leading toluene applications Toluene end-use applications such as adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, cleaning agents, rubber and polymer synthesis, pharmaceuticals and other minor end uses.

3. Methodology

TBRC suggested the following approach: Desk research through trade magazines, industry journals, market intelligence reports, company websites and presentations, association and government websites. Interviews with chemical producers which included discussions with senior management at some of the leading manufacturers of toluene Discussions with senior executives of companies operating in all the major end applications of toluene. Data was then modeled to give estimates across the market and for the individual regions and end-use markets.

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was satisfied with the work and used the report to make a decision on the potential expansion in capacity at its plants.