Customer Survey for a Telecoms Experience Management Solutions Provider

1. Requirement

A telecoms customer experience management solutions provider wanted to get a more complete, accurate and detailed picture of the customer’s current state of satisfaction with the company’s products and services. The client in particular wanted to: Have a means of tracking the satisfaction of specific clients across its client base, to provide an early warning system in case of opportunities or problems with these client accounts. Have an effective means of tracking aggregated customer satisfaction in its client base.

2. Solution

Findings included CSAT scores Net promoter score Customer effort score Feedback on the clients’ products including functionality, interface, ease of use. Feedback on the clients’ services including marketing, sales, support, branding. The report also highlighted potential threats and business opportunities

3. Methodology

TBRC conducted survey by contacting people from the list provided by the client. The surveys in Q1 and Q3 were conducted by phone. The surveys in Q2 and Q4 were conducted through E-mail.

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The study is ongoing and is helping the client to improve its knowledge and understanding of its clients. Over time it is expected that this will drive higher retention and upsell rates in its client base.

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