Pharmaceutical Launch Assessment and Plan

1. Requirement

A client planned to launch a product in a therapy area with high unmet needs. Distributors lacked launch experience and faced resource and capability constraints. There was a lack of disease awareness amongst consumers and practitioners. The client needed to help to ensure a coordinated and effective launch, following a structured launch preparedness process and reflecting the market realities.

2. Solution

We conducted a launch readiness assessment to provide transparency on to the local launch preparedness status and identify the key launch gaps. A regional launch plan was developed detailing critical activities during the launch and enabling the company to track the progress of launch preparations.

3. Methodology

We conducted a detailed market assessment of the market for the product. We studied the regulatory and payer process across key geographies. We carried out a number of case studies of successful launches in similar markets and drivers of success.

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The client is in the process of a pilot launch of the product in three geographies. Thus far the time-to-market and registration processes have aligned with the launch plan.

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