Supply Of Beneficiary Profiles Of France

1. Requirement

Our client wanted to pitch his financial products to high networth individuals. To achieve this client wanted a list of wealthy people in France who have recently made money through: M&A’s Director Dealings Dividend Payouts IPOs Lottery Winners The client also wanted light profiles of these beneficiaries that contained the person’s personal information, company profiles, charity associations, achievements, comments on the deal, contact details and career progression.

2. Solution

We gave the client weekly deliverables in the form of : An excel sheet that contained the details of the deal, the beneficiary name and the amount of money they receive. Word documents of the profiles of each beneficiary that contained personal details and company write-ups along with contact details of the person.

3. Methodology

Secondary sources were tapped in order to find information on the latest deals in France. These sources included infogreffe, financial times, EIN news, and many more. The beneficiaries were found through annual reports and annual returns documents of the company. The amount of money they received from the deal was calculated on the basis of the revenue of the company, the deal value and the % shareholding. Light profiles of the beneficiaries were made through secondary research and primary calls (for contact details).

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The client used this study to target and pursue potential clients.

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