Elderly Home Business Plan

1. Requirement

Client was interested to set up a facility for senior/elderly people in Chevala, Hyderabad. The client wanted a professional agency to evaluate the market conditions and business model to create a business plan. The business plan will be used for – Decision making for the senior management in Belgium Proving feasibility of the project for a loan application

2. Solution

The deliverable was in the form of a presentation that contained: Hyderabad demographics Target market and market needs Hyderabad old age home overview Overall project costs Financial projections Recommendations and conclusions

3. Methodology

We adopted a multi-pronged approach to obtain the information required by the client We conducted research through:- In depth interviews including both open questions and closed quantitative questions with management of elderly homes in Hyderabad to understand the rate of occupancy, rate of return, amount of funds gathered within a year, etc. All calls recorded or carefully noted with the permission of the respondent. We got information through public and paid sources such as elderly home websites and elderly home associations across the world (mainly in India and USA).

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The client used the presentation to obtain: Management approval Bank funding for 50% of the project cost