Fiber Laser Products Market Entry Study In Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India And Taiwan

1. Requirement

A Japanese client was interested in the Fiber laser market to understand the following: Market entry strategies for these countries Business potential and market demand Competitors with a special focus on the activities of IPG photonics corporation Value chain analysis

2. Solution

We delivered a report covering: Fiber laser Types and applications Fiber laser value chain and trends Market size, historic and forecast for all countries Product analysis Competitors Future investments in end use industries Market entry strategy

3. Methodology

We adopted the following methodology for the report: Market sizing- Estimated demand for fiber laser products based on the sales of the products in their end application and insights from industry participants. Competitor analysis- Identified the competitors based on secondary research, insights obtained from senior executives at machinery makers/system integrators and competitors themselves CI on IPG photonics- Identified current & past executives at IPG Photonics in each of these countries and reached out to them to understand their activities in each country. Value chain analysis- Distribution landscape was provided based on business models of existing fiber laser product companies, role of various participants in the value chain

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The client found the project useful for understanding market and entry level strategies for fiber lasers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Taiwan. They were very pleased with the output and came back to us for data on more countries.