Customer Survey For A Technology Company

1. Requirement

A technology company providing the latest industry information to customers wanted to get a better understanding of their customer base. The scope of the report included: Customers for its client database product Segmentations within the client base To better understand each segments motivations, needs, expectations, and behaviors

2. Solution

We delivered a report covering break-down of respondents who participated in the study by function, company size, profile and subscription type (Daily, Monthly and Yearly). The following parameters of client were evaluated: Level of satisfaction Client data / information quality Functionality Service provided Price

3. Methodology

We adopted the following methodology for the report. Respondent details were given by the client, and where possible pre-contacted by client and informed of the research (this will help with the response rate). Respondent details that were considered include their name, email ID, categorization (daily/ monthly yearly- current/ former), telephone number and organization. Primary interviews with database given by client.

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The client found the project useful for understanding the customer’s profiles, needs, concerns. Detailed feedback on client’s products and services helped them to drive product improvement. Client was happy overall and came back to us for further business.

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