Camping and Caravanning Market For Specific Geographies In Europe

1. Requirement

The client was interested in understanding market revenue of the camping and caravanning market for specific geographies in Europe.

2. Solution

We delivered a report covering: Market size, historic and forecast for all countries Breakdown by region of origin of foreign tourists Breakdown by country of origin of foreign tourists

3. Methodology

We adopted the following methodology for the report: Proprietary and public sources were mined to obtain information on the scope provided. The types of sources that were referred to are as follows: Information from industry associations, national statistics office and ministry of tourisms such a ETOA , ECTAA, WTO and others. Magazines, journals, news sources and blogs such as camping and caravanning club and camping Europe. Data was modelled based on available data, extrapolation, regression analysis.

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was satisfied with the report that helped them to understand the consumer needs in the camping and caravanning market in Europe.

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