Special Inorganic Products Manufacturers In The US, Canada and Mexico

1. Requirement

The client wanted to understand the state of production of special inorganic products refining calcium aluminate and partner with an inorganic products manufacturer in North America. For this purpose, TBRC identified and profiled inorganic product manufacturers in North America.

2. Solution

Presentation showing break downs of the data including: Market Characteristics Types Applications Trends 11 Prospective Partner Profiles

3. Methodology

Initially, generated a long list of companies that are involved in the manufacturing of target inorganic products. In consultation with the client, 11 companies were shortlisted for detailed profiling. A number of secondary sources including company annual reports and other publications were used. Senior management executives at the shortlisted companies were consulted to get their opinion and willingness to discuss possible partnership opportunities with the client.

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was satisfied with this research study as it met their requirements.