Benzene Up-stream And Down Stream Market Value Chain In China


A major manufacturer of tires observed volatility in the prices of benzene in China and wanted to understand the key factors that can be tracked to understand the direction of benzene prices in both the short and long term. The scope of the report included: Upstream and downstream value chain of benzene production Factors affecting benzene pricing like production capacity, market prices and others Suggested purchasing strategies for benzene


We delivered a report covering: Benzene production process and sources China benzene production analysis Consumption of benzene Regression analysis and scenarios Discussion of key factors affecting the benzene market Recommended purchasing strategy


We adopted the following methodology for the report. Upstream benzene value chain Source of benzene production KPI’s/data points were tracked like production, consumption and future outlook Downstream benzene value chain Consumption/ end uses of benzene KPI’s/data points were tracked like share in consumption of benzene, pricing of benzene and its derivatives.

Client Benefits And Feedback

The client found the project useful for best purchasing strategies to adopt in various different market scenarios. This report included specific key performance and suggested strategies to adopt in these scenarios.