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Use Of 3D Printing And Block Chain To Drive The Growth Of The Aerospace & Defense Industry

July 2019   Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace & Defense

Use of 3D printing and, block chain for aircraft parts manufacturing are two of the major trends in the aerospace and defense market. The aerospace & defense market expected to reach a value of nearly $1 trillion by 2022, significantly growing at a growth rate of around 7% during the forecast period.

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Growth In The Veterinary Services Industry With The Use Of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Technique And Wearables To Monitor Pet Health

July 2019   Healthcare Services
Veterinary Services

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique is being adopted by veterinary laboratory service providers to detect nucleic acids faster than by other detection methods. For example, this technique is adopted for virulence typing of Avian Influenza A virus.

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Charge Portable Medical Devices From Wi-Fi In The Air!

July 2019   Medical Equipment
Portable X-Ray Devices

The expected use of advanced technologies in the manufacturing of portable X-ray devices with low power consumption properties will support the portable X-ray devices market growth in the forecast period to 2022. In 2019, a group of researchers published a research paper on the charging technology that helps devices charge from Wi-Fi in the air.

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Robotic Nurses Are Driving The Nursing Care Market In Japan!

July 2019   Healthcare Services
Nursing Care

Robotics, big data and electronic trackers play a major part in supporting the nursing care market. Shortage of nurses and aging populations are increasing the demand for advanced technological solutions. Prototypes for robot nurses are being manufactured in countries such as Japan.

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Growth In The Number Of Patients With Chronic Diseases Will Drive The Portable Ultrasound Devices Industry

July 2019   Medical Equipment
Portable Ultrasound Devices

The continually increasing incidences of chronic diseases are expected to lead to an increase in the number of patients who will require advanced diagnostic and treatment options. Emerging markets will be affected the most as population growth is anticipated to be significant in developing nations, especially in India and China, increasing the healthcare expenditure in these countries.

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Technological Advances To Enhance Growth In The Healthcare Industry

June 2019   Healthcare Services

Technology is expected to be a continued driver of the healthcare market growth. Areas of particular development are robotics, artificial intelligence, internet of health things (IoHT) and minimal invasive surgery technologies. For example, daVinci’s surgical system robot transcends limitations to laparoscopic surgery to treat conditions such as obesity, heart disease and prostate cancer.

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Management Consulting Industry Trends- Emergence Of Virtual Firms And IT Transformation

June 2019   Professional Services
Management Consulting

Rapid technology change, increased pressure to reduce costs, and increased use of smartphones are introducing the concept of virtual firms to market players in the management consulting industry. It is expected that a high number of management consulting firms will go virtual and have few permanent offices.

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Research Initiatives And Funding And Demand For New Medicines For Drug-Resistant Infections In The Anti-Infective Drugs Industry

June 2019   Pharmaceuticals
Anti-Infective Drugs

Anti-infective drug manufacturers are investing in programs to develop drugs to treat drug resistant infections. Antimicrobial resistance is a serious concern to global public health as it results in long duration of illness, the requirement of additional tests and use of more expensive drugs.

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Use Of IoT And Increasing Merger And Acquisition Activity In The Automotive Equipment Rental And Leasing Industry

June 2019   Services
Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing

The Internet of things technology is widely being used by car rental and leasing companies in the maintenance and management of fleets. Internet of things is a network of internet connected objects or devices able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors.

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Sports Industry Trends- Technology To Elevate Skier Experience, Use Of Mobile Ticketing

June 2019   Recreation

Skiing service providers are adopting advance technologies such as tracking applications, radio frequency identification (RFID) system enabled lifts, and computer designed skis and snowboards to enhance skier experience. These technologies help to track locations, enhance ski learning, alert alarm system, provide snow and storm tracking reports to elevate skiing experience.

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Use Of Artificial Intelligence In The Forensic Audit Services Industry

June 2019   Professional Services
Forensic Audit Services

Forensic audit companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool to detect frauds and corruption. AI is an area of computer science which trains machines to perform complex tasks.

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Forging and Stamping Market

May 2019   Metal And Mineral Manufacturing
Forged And Stamped Goods

The forging and stamping market (or the forged and stamped metal goods market) consists of sales by entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) primarily engaged in one or more of the following: manufacturing forgings from purchased metals; manufacturing metal custom roll forming products; manufacturing metal stamped and spun products (except automotive, cans, coins); and manufacturing powder metallurgy products.

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Use Of Hybrid Games And Cryptocurrency In The Gambling Industry

May 2019   Recreation

Casinos are introducing hybrid game tables to have an advantage in the industry, and attract customers and keep them engaged. Hybrid table games are a combination of online and land-based casinos where the ease and fast-paced experience of slot machines is combined with live dealer on hand.

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Dental Tourism And Adoption Of New Technology In The Dental Services Industry

May 2019   Healthcare Services
Dental Services Market

Dentists are health practitioners who operate private or group practices in their own premises or in other facilities such as hospitals or health maintenance organization (HMO) medical centers

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Use of Sustainable Materials And Robotics In The Apparel Manufacturing Industry

May 2019   Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Wood And Textile Manufacturing
Apparel Market

Apparel manufacturing establishments are engaged in the manufacturing of hosiery, socks, knitting of fabric, cutting and sewing of apparel and accessories and their sale.

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Use Of Lighter Trailers And Telematics In The Truck Trailer Manufacturing Industry

May 2019   Transportation Manufacturing
Truck Trailer Manufacturing Market

Trailer manufacturers are increasingly producing light-weight trailers to comply with changing regulations. The shift towards lighter trailers can be attributed to increasing pressures on trucking companies owing to rising fuel prices and stricter regulatory environment.

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Use Of Micro-Batteries And Recycling Of Primary Batteries In The Primary Batteries Industry

May 2019   Electrical And Electronics Manufacturing
Primary Batteries Market

Primary battery manufacturers are increasingly manufacturing micro-batteries to cater to new application areas. Micro-batteries are small-scale (approximately the size of a rice grain or about 1 mm3) batteries that are used to power small systems from simple sensors and transmitters to systems with ultrahigh density packaging.

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Consolidation of Market And Integration of Advanced Technologies In The Plastic Pipe, Pipe Fitting, And Unlaminated Plastic Profile Shape Manufacturing Industry

May 2019   Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Wood And Textile Manufacturing
Global Plastic Pipes And Shapes Market

The market for plastic pipe, pipe fitting, and unlaminated plastic profile shape manufacturing has seen a significant increase in mergers and acquisitions over the last few years. Such collaborations are mainly aimed to increase product range and distributor network.

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Use Of Innovative Hotel Design And Automation In The Hospitality Industry

May 2019   Hospitality
Hospitality Market

In the hotel industry, guests are looking for more ‘inside the hotel’ experiences. This demand is driving hotel managers to ensure that all parts of their hotels are as welcoming as the lobby.

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Use Of Wireless Audio Equipment And LED Video Walls In The Audio And Video Equipment Industry

May 2019   Electrical And Electronics Manufacturing
Audio And Video Equipment

The demand for wireless audio equipment market is increasing rapidly due to increasing popularity of mobile devices and changing media consumption behavior of consumers.

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