Container Desiccant & Absorbent Market

1. Requirement

The client is a leader in the container desiccants market. Client would like to get a better understanding of the container desiccant and absorbent market in the following countries – Korea Brazil Germany North America Italy Spain

2. Solution

The deliverable was in the form of a word document that consisted of: Market value chain Market size Market trends Competitor landscape Macro economic overview Product application by industry (why or why don’t customers use it in their cargo) Average sales price

3. Methodology

10 + interviews conducted in all the regions with manufacturers of container desiccants and absorbents in each country and also industry experts. All calls recorded or carefully noted with the permission of the respondent. We conducted secondary research in each country to understand factors such as economic growth, external trade, major exports, number of ports, volume of shipments and other such relevant factors to provide a background economic scenario. All the data collected through secondary was collated, analyzed and presented in the form of a short 5 page report for each country

4. Client Benefits And Feedback
Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was very satisfied with the report as it met their requirement of understanding business feasibility and market entry strategies in various geographies mentioned