Market Study For Bovine Mastitis Detection Kits In Europe, US and Oceania


The client was interested in a report on the following – A leading Japanese company would like to sell mastitis detection kits in Europe, US and New Zealand through partners. For this purpose, they would like to understand the following in detail – Regulatory Scenario Opportunity Assessment For Mastitis Detection Kits Distribution Partner Search


We delivered a report covering : Regulatory Landscape Mastitis Detection Kits Market Characteristics Mastitis Detection Kits Market Opportunity Potential Distributors For Mastitis Detection Devices Company Selection Criteria Potential Distribution/ Manufacturing Partner Profiles Recommendations & Conclusions


The Business Research Company referred to various sources such as government organizations and veterinary associations like National Mastitis Council to understand current regulatory landscape and any future proposed laws. Some of the sources that we referred to were – Journals and publications related to animal health and bovine mastitis disease are searched to gather information related to epidemiology and disease economics. Interviews with Legal Experts and Dairy Cattle Veterinarians Interviews were conducted with dairy farmers to understand the current practices in mastitis disease management

Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was very happy with this research study as it met their requirements.