Case Studies

Endotoxins Testing Survey


The client is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities. Through this study, the client wants us to conduct a survey of companies that use endotoxin testing technologies and gather information


Research findings were delivered as a custom report including: Exhaustive list of companies that use endotoxin testing technologies Details of the gather information such as: Test method? Number and type of samples? Throughput? Accuracy? Measurement format? Others?


We gathered the related information from the following secondary sources: Industry associations Internal and external databases of biopharmaceutical and medical device companies? Websites of leading large-sized and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies Websites of large CDMO’s and mid-sized CDMO’s? Websites of implantable and disposable medical device manufacturers Domain specific magazines? and other relevant secondary sources? We will conduct primary interviews with the following type of respondents from the companies: Executives working in the endotoxins testing department?, quality assurance department?, quality control department?, executives related to production/operations departments?, research & development executives working in the target companies and other relevant people

  Client Benefits And Feedback

Through this study the client gained insights on the existing endotoxin testing technologies .