Case Studies

Global Hexavalent Vaccines Utilization Trends


One of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturing companies engaged us to independently verify their position as a leading player in hexavalent vaccines. Towards this we studied: Hexavalent Vaccine Dosage Patterns Immunization trends Vaccine co-use trends Current market share for hexavalent vaccines and Market size and share of client’s own hexavalent vaccine brand


We delivered an academic white paper covering : Vaccine market overview, size and forecast Hexavalent vaccine prescribing and dosage patterns Hexavalent market share, size and dosage volume Market size, dosage volume and share of client’s brand of hexavalent vaccine A detailed understanding of the client’s hexavalent brand market position globally as well as select countries Recommendations & Conclusions


Secondary Research –Journals and publications related to vaccination are searched to gather information related to epidemiology and disease economics. We also reviewed WHO guidelines. GAVI databases and other vaccine specific information sources Data Modelling – Using information gained from secondary research in conjunction with our proprietary data based, we created a model to estimate the market size and shares for both hexavalent vaccines as well as that of the client’s brand Primary Research – Interviews with pediatricians and vaccine policy experts were conducted to strengthen our understanding of this market and to validate our findings and analysis

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was happy with our research findings and presentation The client will be using information and analysis provided by us to support its marketing claims and better shape strategy in the countries of interest